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Tips For Choosing Plastic Bags With Handles

Tips For Choosing Plastic Bags With Handles There are several types of plastic bags with handles. Some are designed to hold a larger volume of contents. Others have handles to make them easier to carry and store. There are different materials used to create plastic bags, including polyethylene, LDPE, and bioplastics. These plastics are primarily derived from fossil fuels. Read […]

Custom Frosted Zipper Bags

Custom Frosted Zipper Bags In this article, we’ll discuss the uses, pricing, and availability of custom frosted zipper bags. We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these bags. Whether you’re considering purchasing these bags for your personal use or as a promotional item, you can be confident that they’ll be a great choice. Read on to learn more. Listed […]

Tracing Paper – What Are Some of Its Uses?

Tracing Paper – What Are Some of Its Uses? Tracing paper is made of low opacity material, which allows light to pass through it. Originally designed for architects and design engineers to use in the diazo copy process, tracing paper has a wide range of uses today. Read on to discover some of its uses. Here are some of the […]

Types of Absorbent Paper

Types of Absorbent Paper You’ve heard about filter paper and drinking cup paper, but did you know that there is another type of absorbent-paper available? The Bibulous Paper. This highly absorbent paper is used to absorb excess liquid substances from writing papers and objects. It can also be used for many other applications. Learn more about these kinds of paper […]

K Cup Filling Machines

K Cup Filling Machines A K Cup filling machine can be used to fill a variety of products into a single-serving cup. You can fill a cup with a variety of products, such as ground coffee, granules, or herbal tea leaf. These machines can also seal the cup with an aluminum lid. The machines can accept different types of products, […]

Trends to Watch in Coffee Packaging in 2021

Trends to Watch in Coffee Packaging in 2021 The trend of sustainable packaging has gained popularity in the past year. People are now searching for green brands and products. In 2021, coffee packaging will reflect a concern for sustainability and ethical practices. This trend will be reflected in raw materials, off-white backgrounds, minimal elements, printed ink, and sustainable coffee practices. […]

Which Seed Packing Machine is Right For You?

Which Seed Packing Machine is Right For You? Many manufacturers make seed-packing machines, and a thorough research is required to find the most reliable one for your operation. Asytec, Rockwell Automation, DATA, Nichrome, and many other brands offer high-quality seed-packaging machines. Let us take a closer look at each brand’s features and capabilities to make the decision easier for you. […]