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Woven Poly Bags

Woven poly bags are commonly made of a polymer called polypropylene. It is a recycled material, and is a standard fabric. It is woven by stretching polypropylene sheets in annealing ovens. During the weaving process, the warp yarn is oriented perpendicular to the weft yarn, which is oriented left to right in the body fabric. Non-woven polypropylene bags Non-woven polypropylene […]

What Are Woven Bags?

A woven bag is a bag made from multiple pieces of fabric that are woven together to make one unit. The fabric used in these bags is known as polypropylene or PP. This type of fabric is eco-friendly. The density of the weave determines its weight, measured in grams per square yard or ounces per square yard. A woven bag […]

Flat Bottom Bags

Flat bottom bags offer a great packaging solution for a variety of products. They pack efficiently and present nicely in stores. They offer a corner seal option and allow full front and back graphics. They also have top skirting and side panel branding options. They also feature 4 zones of heat control and can accommodate both liquid and solid products. […]

Drawstring Bag – An Alternative to Tote Bags

Drawstring bags are becoming increasingly popular as a good alternative to tote bags. They are an excellent way to carry essentials in a reusable bag and are easy to make. In this article, we’ll look at how to make one, how to choose the right fabric, and what to keep in mind when sewing one. Drawstring bags are a popular […]

What Is a Zipper Bag?

A zipper bag is a type of storage bag. This type of storage bag has a zipper and is made of plastic. Polyethylene or a similar plastic is usually used to make zip lock bags. The zipper is used to close and open the bag. Usually, the material used to make zipper bags is clear. Reclosable zipper bags Reclosable zipper […]

Types of Plastic Bag Materials

A plastic bag is a type of container made from thin, flexible plastic film or plastic textile. It is used for many purposes, from carrying goods to containing waste. Depending on its composition, a plastic bag can be made of several different materials. Here are some examples of these materials. Polypropylene, High-density polyethylene, and low-density polyethylene are just a few […]

Absorbent Paper

Absorbent paper is a type of paper that is designed to absorb water or other liquids. It is highly absorbent, has a high water absorption capacity, and has a high porosity. Absorbent paper is also known as blotting paper and bibulous paper. This type of paper is typically used to absorb excess liquid substances from writing papers or other objects. […]

Types of Cardstock Paper

There are many types of cardstock paper. There are glossy, matte, metallic, textured, and embossed varieties. Learn about the differences between these types of paper and what they are best for. Choosing the right one is important for creating a beautiful and high-quality finished product. Here are some examples: Glossy If you’re looking for a high-quality cardstock paper that will […]

Salt Packing Machines

Salt is a staple condiment in our everyday lives. As such, manufacturers have tried to optimize the packaging process of this essential food additive. Today, salt packaging is available in a variety of styles, including bagged and bottled salt. In order to make salt packaging efficient, manufacturers have developed various salt packing machines. For instance, the KINSUN Salt packing machine […]

Grain Packing Machines

Grain Packing Machines are offered in various specifications as per the specifications of clients. These are used in agriculture, food processing, and packaging solutions industries. They consist of an open-mouth bagger, weighing scale, and bag palletizer. They are appreciated for their robust construction. These machines are ideally suited for filling and sealing grains into seal proof bags or other containers. […]