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Prints on Pearl Paper

pearl paper

Pearl paper is a unique type of paper that reflects light differently than standard paper. It’s made of pearly mica crystals covered in a thin layer of metal oxides. Its multiple reflections create intense warmth and depth. Prints on pearl paper can be ordered in a variety of sizes and are available with either magnet backing or lamination. Prints are usually available within one to two business days. Orders requiring lamination or mounting will take an additional two to three days.

Metallic papers

Metallic pearl paper adds a lustrous and subtle finish to designs, creating a shimmery look that will capture the eye. This paper is part of the Shimmer Metallic Paper line and is known for its visually stunning appearance. This paper is both smooth and shimmery to the touch, and can be used to create a variety of different designs and printed messages.

The 14pt Metallic Pearl paper has a subtle shimmer to it when viewed from various angles. This is caused by the Pearl fibers embedded within the paper. CMYK colors will appear subtle and pearlescent when printed on Pearl paper. The paper is also suitable for folding, making it ideal for presentation folders and greeting cards.

Metallic Pearl paper is a great choice for photographers who are looking for that special metallic effect in their prints. The glossy finish will make your photos seem as if they have a three-dimensional quality. This paper is also great for black and white images, producing deep blacks and ultra-bright highlights. The paper has a high gloss and is suitable for use with dye and pigment inks.

Unlike regular photo papers, Metallic Pearl Paper does not need special finishing techniques to achieve the effect you want. It is compatible with all popular inkjet printers and works with both pigment and dye inks. The paper is also very durable. Unlike other photo papers, it resists curling and tearing. It is also less likely to have a fingerprint-prone surface, making it the perfect choice for framed photographs.

Glama Natural papers

The Glama Natural line of pearl-like papers is North America’s most complete translucent paper line. The line features superior translucency and folding strength. The paper’s surface is designed to support peak offset, ink jet, and laser print performance. It is also a perfect match for HP Indigo products. It is available in several weights and colors, and is FSC-certified and Elemental Chlorine Free.

Whether you are looking for a translucent paper for your next marketing campaign, or a wedding invitation, Glama Natural is the perfect choice. It is available in standard weights of 27-pound vellum, 29, and 40-pound vellum. CTI also sells uncoated envelopes and bulk packages. Bulk orders are eligible for free shipping.

Hahnemuehle papers

Hahnemuehle’s Pearl paper is a pearl-finished white that delivers bright white tones that are perfect for making pictures with impressive contrasts. Its pearl-finish is created by special coatings. Here are some of the benefits of using this special coating.

This acid-free, archival, and environmentally friendly paper has a fibrous feel that creates a rich, detailed image. It also has a satin finish, which makes it perfect for mounting artwork. Because it’s acid-free and archival, Hahnemuehle Pearl is a great choice for artists and collectors who appreciate fine art and want to produce artwork that has a lasting quality.

Hahnemuehle pearl paper is made from a cellulose-based material that’s triple coated. This makes it age-resistant, and the surface is similar to that of traditional double-weight silver-gelatin photo paper. And with its pearl-like appearance, it works well with a wide range of ink systems.

The Pearl paper is available in three different finishes. FineArt Pearl is a bright white with moderate OBAs. It provides a pearl-like finish for stunning contrasts. Photo Rag Baryta is another option that provides a smooth texture. It is an excellent choice for photographers who want a high-quality surface without harsh reflections.

Fuji Pearl paper

Fuji Pearl paper has a shimmering metallic finish, making your images look stunning. This paper contains pearl-like crystals on its surface and is coated with a thin layer of titanium dioxide and metal oxides. Pearl-like paper is ideal for adding a touch of shimmer to colour and black and white images. This paper also adds depth to reflections.

Fuji Pearl paper offers a shiny, pearl-like finish and a wide tonal range. Unlike Kodak Metalic paper, Fuji Pearl is thicker and gives images a “chrome kick.” However, this special type of paper is only available in specific sizes (ranging from 8×10 to 12×12 inches), so you must choose carefully.

Fuji Pearl paper is the most expensive of the three types of Fuji paper. Compared to Kodak Metalial and Kodak Metallic papers, Fuji Pearl paper offers the highest level of gloss. It is recommended for display prints in environments where several light sources can cause distracting reflections. Alternatively, you can choose to print your images on a matte finish, which is more suitable for framing.

The Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 is specifically designed for photographers seeking a metallic look. The 260-gsm paper delivers ultra-bright highlights and deep blacks. It mimics the Moab bike trail and is made with HDR K3 and Epson 7900 inks. Fuji Pearl paper is not suitable for use in home inkjet printers.

Neenah Esse papers

Neenah’s Design Collection offers a variety of colors, textures, and finishes for all of your printing needs. These papers were curated by some of America’s top designers and fashion houses to provide a wide selection for a variety of applications including luxury packaging, unique envelopes, gift cards, and identity materials. Neenah offers more than three hundred different papers in 20 unique Neenah brands.

Esse by Neenah Paper’s pearlized and traditional papers give phenomenal print results in a variety of forms. Whether you need a high-quality cover or text weight paper, Esse is in stock in your local office supply store. Esse envelopes, too, can be ordered same-day, making them ideal for a wide variety of print applications.

Neenah also offers several folding carton papers that are perfect for small boutiques, start-up chocolateiers, or independent brands. In addition, Neenah offers a variety of solutions for digital projects. The brand’s three shades of ESTATE LABEL paper are perfect for digital presses and are guaranteed to work at peak performance.

The ESSE Papers, a product of the Neenah Design Collection, offer a smooth pearlized offering and a unique grid-like texture. They also have a rich color palette ranging from vibrant saturated hues to metallic mica. The glossy surface of the paper is produced with a watermark. ESSE Pearl Papers are acid-free and pre-tested to provide you with the highest quality print results.

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